Well that didn’t work

Out bid on that one – back to the search. Good thing there’s several out there:

  1. Smaller but definitely a operational winery – visited the tasting room – wine is good. Ferments in the picking bins? Seems a bit low tech
  2. Nice small house, great grapes (tasted the wine at the winery they sell their grapes to – very nice), No tasting room or winery
  3. A larger parcel (>40AC about 20 planted), small house – needs work – private road…
  4. moderate house, moderate winery w/ licensed tasting room – Fermenting in the picking bins – guess it’s standard practice for some Micro-Wineries
  5. Wait – here’s something interesting. A nice building with a tasting room, commercial kitchen (yet another license) 2000sq/ft wine making area on the lower level, Stainless steel tanks, nice press – Equipment is not as fancy as the one in Plymouth but it’s a step up from the others we have been looking at. about 6AC planted, good well, a pond and interesting, water rights for the pond – let’s take a swing at this one.