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Small Plates

Dry Roasted nuts of the Day
House made bread or biscuit

House made bread & toppings of the day: prosciutto & cheese,
goat cheese & sun dried tomatoes, blue cheese & pear, mushroom
caviar, caramelized onions… For gluten free, substitute a corn
tortilla, polenta or GF bread as available.

Soup of the day
Shrimp bisque
Stuffed Vegetable

When available: tomato, zucchini, red/orange/yellow pepper,
or winter squash with sausage or vegan stuffings; cheese optional

Mediterranean Salad (side/lunch)

Salad of the day. Greens, quinoa or white beans, with tomatoes,
feta, sun-dried tomatoes & olives with an herb dressing.
Add $2 for chicken-ham-or-pork, $3 beef, $5 shrimp-or-smoked salmon.

Classic ceasar Salad (Side/Lunch)

Romaine hearts with Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, olive oil,
and parmesan dressing. Optional anchovies.
Add $2 for chicken-ham-or-pork, $3 beef, $5 shrimp-or-smoked salmon.

Blue Cheese Salad (Side/Lunch)

Romaine hearts with house made blue cheese dressing. Optional walnuts.
Add $2 for chicken-ham-or-pork, $3 beef, $5 shrimp-or-smoked salmon.

Meat tapas

Tapas of the day – a carnivore’s delight. Chicken, turkey, pork, beef, fish or shrimp
with chef’s sauce & garnish. Includes BBQ, Petite Sirah wine & Dijon mustard & wine sauces .

Smoked Salmon (Tapas/Lunch)

Capers & onions, shaved fennel or cucumber, Dijon cream sauce, lettuce served on a slice of house made focaccia or rye toast or as a lunch plate with bread on the side.


Tri-color cheese filled tortellini with chef’s sauce. Grated cheese
optional. Extras of the day may include mushrooms, prosciutto, sausage, chicken, beef, shrimp or salmon/smoked salmon.

Vegetable tapas

Vegetables of the day. Crudités, steamed/roasted veggies, scalloped potatoes, seasonal vegetable pies. Optional grated cheese and sauces.

Cheese melt

House made bread topped with your choice of available meats, veggies and cheeses served hot from the oven.

Lunch of the day

Custom lunch plate based on your preferences & available ingredients. Chicken, pork, beef, fish, shrimp or vegetarian plates including frittatas, tortellini, stuffed vegetables, grilled or roasted meats and vegetables.


Flake pastry tarts

House made flake pastry topped with fruit, chocolate or nuts


Can include Brownies, Chocolate cake, Pair or Apple cake, Basque cheese cake…

Chocolate Truffles