Monday 9/4 Labor Day Smoker Specials: Beef-Chicken-Chicken Sausage-Veggies $15/plate ($12 Veggies only)  with pictures of plates.
Golden Leaves Vineyard & Winery 3625 Omo Ranch Rd, Somerset CA, 95684 
Tel (530) 620-1888

Luncheons, Dinner & Party Events

Please call for reservations and menus. Large dining room, patio and full commercial kitchen.

Easter Brunch & Bubbles
Sun April 9th, 2023, 11am-4pm

Flake pastry appetizers
mediterranean polenta frittata
mixed green salad
BASQUE CHEESE CAKE, chocolate cake or fruit tart
served with a flute of bubbly

Made from scratch in our kitchen. Vegetarian, vegan/Gluten free available on request.

By reservation – $30 per person
Use our contact page or call 530-620-1888

Small Plates

dry roasted almonds
warm house made bread or biscuit

House made bread & toppings of the day: prosciutto & cheese,
goat cheese & sun dried tomatoes, blue cheese & pear, mushroom
caviar, caramelized onions… For gluten free, substitute a corn
tortilla, polenta or GF corn bread as available.

Stuffed Vegetable

When available: tomato, zucchini, red/orange/yellow pepper,
or winter squash with sausage or vegan stuffings; cheese optional

Mediterranean Salad

Salad of the day. Greens, quinoa or white beans, with tomatoes,
feta, sun-dried tomatoes & olives with an herb dressing.
Add $2 for chicken or ham, $4 for shrimp.

Classic ceasar Salad

Romaine hearts with Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, olive oil,
and parmesan dressing. Optional anchovies.
Add $2 for chicken or turkey.

Meat tapas

Tapas of the day – a carnivore’s delight. Chicken, turkey or pork
with chef’s sauce & garnish.


Tri-color cheese filled tortellini with chef’s sauce. Grated cheese
optional. Add $2 for prosciutto, sausage or chicken, $4 for shrimp

Vegetable tapas

Vegetables of the day. Optional grated cheese and sauces.

Warm Bread or Biscuit

House made bread of the day with butter

Lunch of the day

Custom lunch plate based on your preferences & available ingredients. Chicken, pork or vegetarian cheese melt, frittata, tortellini, stuffed vegetables or grilled meats and vegetables.


Flake pastry tarts

House made flake pastry topped with fruit, chocolate or nuts


Chocolate, pear, or Basque cheese cake.


White chip almond bark, dark or dark & white chocolate walnut bites, dark chocolate coffee beans, white chip & cranberries or wine dark chocolate on puff paste

Chocolate Truffles

Eight mini French truffles