Luncheons, Dinner & Party Events

Please call for reservations and menus. Large dining room, patio and full commercial kitchen.

Small Plates


Housemade bread & toppings of the day: prosciutto & cheese, goat cheese & sun dried tomatoes, blue cheese & pear, mushroom caviar, caramelized onions… For gluten free, substitute a corn tortilla, polenta or GF corn bread if available.

Stuffed Vegetable

Varies: tomatoes, zucchini, red/orange/yellow peppers filled with house made sausage or vegan stuffings

Mediterranean Salad

Salad of the day. Quinoa or white beans with tomatoes, feta, sun-dried tomatoes & olives; cucumber with feta or blue cheese; romaine quarters with Dijon mustard or blue cheese dressing…

Soup of the day

White bean or tomato bisque

Poultry Plate

Chicken, game hen, or pulled duck served with chef’s choice of garnishes


Tri-color cheese filled tortellini with chef’s sauce. Grated cheese optional
Add $2 for prosciutto, sausage or chicken

Vegetable Plate

Vegetables of the day. Grated cheese and sauces optional.

Warm Bread or Biscuit

Fresh baked with cheese or butter
Add $2 for prosciutto, sausage or chicken

Lunch of the day
$12- $18



Cheese cake, pumpkin pie, house made cake or tart of the day

Double Chocolate Muffin

Two small gluten free chocolate muffins topped with chocolate & walnuts
Add $1 for fruit of the day

Chocolate Truffles

Mini French truffles or house made chocolates