Luncheons, Dinner & Party Events

Please call for reservations and menus. Large dining room, patio and full commercial kitchen.

Small Plates*

Crostini $6

Home made bread of the day with your choice of toppings: prosciutto & cheese, goat cheese & sun dried tomatoes, blue cheese & pear, mushroom caviar (when available). For gluten free, substitute a corn tortilla (occasionally GF corn bread).

Stuffed Half Pepper $6

Red, orange or yellow pepper with various stuffings: bread sausage, wild rice mushroom (sausage or vegan), white bean (sausage or vegan)

Soup of the day $6
Poultry Plate $6

Chicken or turkey served with chef’s choice of sauces

Vegetable Plate $6

Choice of vegetables of the day –  roasted potatoes, carrots & onions, broccoli,  zucchini.  Grated cheese and dipping sauces optional.

Hot Bread or Biscuit $4

Fresh baked with cheese or butter

Add prosciutto, sausage or chicken ($1)

* Lunch Plate $15

Any three small plates served on one large plate


Cakes $6

Cheese cake, pumpkin pie, cake or tart of the day with various toppings

Double Chocolate Muffin $3

Small gluten free warm chocolate muffin topped with chocolate & walnuts

Add fruit of the day ($1)

Chocolate Truffles $2

Four mini truffles dusted with cocoa powder