Buy a Winery?

When friends ask us what we are doing these days and we tell them we are buying a winery responses vary from “wow, that’s cool” and “When will you open for tastings” to “what have you been smoking?”

Truth is – this wasn’t planned. My prior startup shutdown in March of 2020, a early victim of the pandemic. Josy & I were already in the process of selling our San Carlos house & decided to move to our vacation home in Kirkwood.

After a lovely spring and summer fishing and hiking at Kirkwood we started looking for another home closer to employment and civilization. One of the areas we found attractive was Lake Folsom and the surrounding communities. Seems that half the bay area was thinking that it was a good place to work from home & the prices spiked. We found, cruising on Zillow that there were several nearby wineries for sale that were listed for less than the homes we had been looking at.